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Sons of William L.O.L 652 was mainly formed of Fusiliers, Engineers and Naval personnel operating out of Brompton Barracks & Chatham Naval Dockyard. Founding members were thought to be retired military personnel that had settled in the area. It was a strong Lodge holding meetings in Gillingham three times a month; reports at the time were that they had as many as 177 members.

It was also reported in the Orange Standard in 1917 that L.O.L 652 made a record contribution of fighting men to both his Majesty's Services. 

The total number of losses suffered by 'The Sons of William L.O.L 652' was never confirmed. Seventeen were confirmed lost prior to the second and third battles at Ypres and the Somme offensive; during the latter many of Orangeism's finest from throughout His Majesty's realm made the supreme sacrifice. With the majority of brethren serving in the Navy prior to the Battle of Jutland, we can assume that total losses were much greater than the twenty-three finally recorded in the Orange Banner.

Brethren from the Lodge that were lost during this period are fondly remembered on Memorials in Chatham, Portsmouth & in churchyards in Harlebeke New British Cemetery in Belgium & Sailly-Sur-La-Lys in France.

The roll of honour of brethren from L.O.L 652 who fought for King & Country can be found below. Those who paid the ultimate sacrifice are highlighted in Purple:


  1. Agnew J A S (Royal Navy)

  2. Appleton T (Royal Navy)

  3. Atkinson A (Royal Navy)

  4. Austin D J (Royal Navy - HMS 'Partridge') Chief Stoker Douglas James Austin, service number 282604 aged 38. Date of death 12/12/1917. Aboard the Destroyer H.M.S. Partridge sunk 12/12/17 Sunk by gunfire from four German destroyers in convoy action off the Norwegian coast. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Son of George and Mary Austin, of Boughton, Faversham, Kent; husband of Emma Austin, of 36, Mills Terrace, Chatham. Awarded Naval General Service Medal (Persian Gulf). Remembered on the Chatham Naval Memorial

  5. Barker W (Royal Navy)

  6. Barlow J (Royal Navy - HMS ‘Cressy') James William Barlow, Stoker 1st Class, Royal Navy, HMS Cressy, died 22/9/1914, remembered on Chatham Naval Memorial.

  7. Barlow W (Royal Navy)

  8. Bates W R (Royal Navy)

  9. Beardow C J (Royal Navy)

10. Beauey J T (Royal Navy)

11. Bee A (Royal Navy)

12. Bellchamber H (Royal Navy)

13. Bloxham H (Royal Navy)

14. Bowmont W H (Royal Navy)

15. Boyle J (Royal Navy)

16. Brewin E P (Royal Navy)

17. Brightman A H (Royal Navy)

18. Broadie E J (Royal Navy)

19. Brown H (Royal Navy)

20. Brown J W (Royal Navy)

21. Brown W H (Royal Navy)

22. Buckle G (Royal Navy)

23. Clack W (Royal Navy)

24. Clifford J (Royal Navy)

25. Clover S (Royal Navy)

26. Clow V (Royal Navy)

27. Courtney S (Royal Navy)

28. Crocker W G (Royal Navy)

29. Daverson W (Royal Navy)

30. Donald J (Royal Navy - HMS ‘Racoon’) Stoker John Donald. HMS Racoon was a Beagle Class destroyer built 15th February 1910. On 9th January 1918 it ran aground in bad weather off the North coast of Ireland. Her hull was subsequently broken up by the action of the storm. The ship was commanded by Lt George Napier. 91 sailors perished and only 9 survived. Stoker Donald was feared lost at sea.

31. Elder R C (Royal Navy)

32. Elliott R (Royal Navy)

33. Ferguson J (Royal Navy)

34. Forsyth F (Royal Navy)

35. Foulger G R (Royal Navy)

36. Frisken A (Royal Navy)

37. Fryer W G (Royal Navy)

38. Gibby J (Royal Navy)

39. Gibson  A (Royal Engineers)

40. Gill J H (Royal Navy)

41. Goodwin W (Royal Navy)

42. Gordon  W (Royal Engineers)

43. Graham T (Royal Navy)

44. Gregg J (Royal Navy)

45. Griffiths W J (Royal Navy - HMS ‘Clan McNaughton’) Corporal William John Griffiths, Royal Marine Light Infantry, HMS Clan McNaughton, aged 23, died 3 February 1915, son of Henry and Grace Griffiths 2 Wellington Road, Gillingham, Kent. Service number CH/14956.

46. Hanna W (Royal Engineers)

47. Harper J (Royal Navy)

48. Hawley W (Royal Navy)

49. Hicks J (Royal Navy)

50. Hill J (Royal Navy)

51. Hopton T (Royal Navy - HMS ‘Good Hope’) Mechanic Tom Francis Hopton, Royal Navy, HMS Good Hope, died 1/11/1914, age 36,son of Edwin and Ellen Hopton of Gloucester, Husband of Margaret Hopton of 12 Broadway, Woking, Surrey. Remembered on Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

52. Jenkins J (Royal Navy)

53. Jones F (Royal Navy)

54. Jordan W (Royal Navy)

55. Leahy . H C (Royal Engineers) Bro Leahy, killed in action serving with the Royal Engineers. 2nd Corporal, 54th Field Coy Royal Engineers, service number 20008 aged 28.  Date of death: 30/10/1914. Son of Charles W. Leahy, of 4, Tivoli Terrace, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Buried in Harlebeke New British Cemetery, 32 kilometres east of Ieper, Belgium.

56. Little J A S (Royal Navy)

57. Loham W (Royal Navy)

58. Longhorn P (Royal Navy)

59. Mack J (Royal Navy)

60. MacPherson J S (Royal Navy)

61. Magee J A S (Royal Navy)

62. Mann E J (Royal Navy)

63. Mawhinney W (Royal Navy ) William Mawhinney, Petty Officer Stoker, Royal Navy service number 289182.  Age not recorded.  Date of death 22/03/1918. Aboard the Sloop H.M.S. "Gaillardia." (RFR/CH/B/4873) sunk by mine off the Orkneys. Remembered on the Chatham Naval Memorial.

64. McCabry W (Royal Navy - HMS 'Cressy')

65. McClelland I (Royal Navy)

66. McKay W (Royal Navy)

67. McKee H (Royal Navy)

68. Mckee W (Royal Navy)

69. Metcalfe W (Royal Navy - HMS ‘Cressy’)

70. Middleton R (Royal Navy)

71. Miller J  S (Royal Navy)

72. Mullen S W (Royal Navy)

73. Nash  W (Royal Navy)

74. Newman R (Royal Navy - HMS ‘Pathfinder’) Chief Petty Officer Richard Harry Newman, Royal Navy, HMS Pathfinder, died 5/9/1914, age 35, son of Richard and Mary Newman 3 Trevor Road, Southsea, Hants, remembered on Chatham Naval Memorial.

75. Orme G (Royal Navy)

76. Overton H (Royal Navy - HMS ‘Natal’) In April 1916 it was reported that Bro Harold Overton was onboard HMS Natal when it was sunk on 30/12/15. Blown up by explosion in the aft magazine on the Cromarty Firth. Musician Harold Overton, Royal Marine Band, HMS Natal, age 24, son of Alexander and Matilda Overton, of Overdale, 41 Macdonald Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, remembered on Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Service number RMB/1236.

77. Patterson V (Royal Navy)

78. Pearson E (Royal Navy)

79. Perry A (Royal Navy)

80. Poppleton J (Royal Navy)

81. Querus W (Royal Navy)

82. Rees F 'Frank' (Royal Navy)

83. Richardson W W (Royal Navy)

84. Robinson P K (Royal Navy)

85. Rockingham D (Royal Navy)

86. Roe R C T (Royal Navy)

87. Rosbotham R (Royal Navy)

88. Rowe W L (Royal Navy)

89. Russell T (Royal Navy)

90. Rye T J (Royal Navy)

91. Sage W G (Royal Navy)

92. Sampson F (Royal Navy)

93. Scarborough W (Royal Navy)

94. Scarff W (Royal Navy)

95. Shaw J (Royal Navy)

96. Shiels W A (Royal Navy)

97. Smith W (Royal Navy)

98. Stevens H W (Royal Navy)

99. Storey H (Royal Navy)

100. Taylor W (Royal Navy)

101. Teem C (Royal Navy)

102. Turney W (Royal Navy)

103. Wareham H (Royal Navy)

104. Watts A (Royal Navy)

105. Westwood W (Royal Navy)

106. White H J (Royal Navy)

107. Wilding J T (Royal Navy)

108. Willis J H (Royal Navy)

109. Wood E (Royal Navy)

110. Woodward A T (Royal Navy)

111. Wright A (Royal Navy)

112. Woodbridge W A G (Royal Engineers) Sapper William Alfred Gardiner Woodbridge, 54 Company Royal Engineers, Age 22, Died 19 February 1915, son of William and Frances Woodbridge of 1 Sutton Buildings, Richmond Hill, Cork.  Buried in Sailly-Sur-La-Lys churchyard, 5 kilometres south-west of Armentieres, France. Service number 19712. 



The Chatham Naval Memorial (Images below)

Brothers Austin, Barlow, Mawhinney & Newman are remembered here. Investigation is ongoing to identify other resting places/memorials for our brave 652 Brethren.

A photo of some of the brethren of Sons of William LOL 652 from 1911. Thanks to Bro. Jack Greenald for sharing this with us.


Back row from left to right- A Watts (stoker) W Bodilly (stoker) A Friskell.


Front row - W Goodwin (Stoker) George Edwards (Chief Stoker) R C Elder (Stoker)

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